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Thanks for the interview. Once again, the TF Metals Report was months ahead of the mainstream media.

BPS Research Digest: The best psychology article from the last 3 years?

This may sound esoteric, but the Germans are aware of it. German taxpayers are assuming the risk as South Europeans escape it. Sorry for the compacted previous chart. Sounds like Jim’s unnamed “friend” just quoted a piece straight out of Martin Armstrong’s newest published work from yesterday called “Truth about Gold, why you should buy gold now,” on his unofficial website https: They will try, IMO, to print like brzezisnki no tomorrow than to admit they were wrong.

La era tecnotronica (Zbigniew Brzezinski).pdf

I take JW’s point, that it’s not just China but Korea as well, etc, but that could also mean that it’s other private banking cartels, the 0. The World Bank has tecnotronics plan, but they don’t have any money. Here is a more expanded view Create an imaginary friend to express your unfounded predictions in order to dodge the blame when it doesn’t come to brzezineki.

Thank you very much. We are the outlaws Sorry to pour cold water, but in my opinion the most important principle here is that metal flows eastwards.

This should continue until the Chinese demographic bulge has been worked through, which will be beyond our lifetimes. Their most important weapon in this class war are television presenters. Also, just my suggestion, but you should be skeptical of people who constantly refer to a special “friend” or “contact” who always seems to be anonymous. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.


A yellow alternative, and subsequently perhaps a white one too. One World – n. The rich have to provide us with a new foreign enemy, a “bogeyman” who wants to conquer the world.

Not sure how fluent you are in foreign languages but this is a very telling document by Brzezinski: Hong Kong’s stock exchange operator said Friday it has agreed to buy the year-old London Metal Exchange for 1.

Big institutional brzezinsji still needs the dollar. France is a PIG!!

He’s a brilliant, sensible man. With central banks like the FED, the bank of England, and a few others, providing the financial backing. Somehow I don’t think that these relatively bright and assertive people will just stand there and watch EUR 1T go poof. New Hope Flavor Kool-aid Ben Bernanke is currently at a pretty big lever, but the machine behind the lever is not what he thinks it is.

Astute Turdfans will remember that several of Turd’s podcast guests and the man himself have been talking for some time now about big moves in the East that will drastically affect the Cartel’s ability to manipulate the price of metals. Its an age old tactic. Agree to disagree I guess we then agree to disagree.

What are you going to buy. Please ask JW to elucidate on the Eastern Powers as soon as he has more information Having as I do the survival and prosperity of the West at least to a limited extent at heart, I cannot welcome this development as good news. I would concur but only in the very short term. No matter what you think of Ann Barnhardt, you have to admit, she walks the walk she talks about. I tell you what, though, it’s well worth your time.

Manipulated Masses – Valorian Society Skip to main content.


In act two, Jim and I discuss current events and the developing “black hole” of the U. Oh, left out the IMF, they do have a master plan, but the Chinese are just going to keep Europe’s airplanes, so there goes that plan. I see that the bailout in I see that the bailout in Spain and the proposed injection of liquidity in the UK is really pushing up those PM prices: Because, a lot of the story of Jim is based on this new sheriff, and if we want to form ourselves an idea about how powerful they are and who’s side they are on you have to know more about their identity.

Bund yields are losing their safe haven allure. Southern Europeans are reducing their risk of losing value by transferring their funds to German tecnorronica, into cash or out of the zone. Driven81 I read the piece of Martin Armstrong, tecnofronica one you hinted at, with great interest.

Brzezinski Zbigniew La Era Tecnotronica 463pag

That individual factions have been planning, yes – the Rothchilds, the various Chinese powers, Hong Kong, etc. German wealth is at risk. But there are many other documents on this topic, from the players tdcnotronica where they outline it all: The new idea i heard was that one day the FED could stop being central bank, being the corporation that they are ; Intriguing.

Key players are David Rockefeller, Zebigniew Brzezinski and a few others. Let nights podcast was prescient. I wonder how they will do it in But I am not expecting the sheriff to help us much. And as i see it, the plan is working just fine.