LADMER SYSTEM Lecture By: Abdul Mannan Definition of. Biopharmaceutics Biopharmaceutics is a major branch of the pharmaceutical sciences concerned. ·Chapter 2 -The LADMER system is a way of understanding what goes on in the body when any compound that has an effect on the body is administered or. Study Flashcards On LADMER System and Dissolution principles at Quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more. makes it easy.

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Tthese substances has a different pharmacokinetic because a solubility is differ but the activity is saved. Ostwald’s rule Ostwald’s rule or Ostwald’s step rule, conceived by Wilhelm Ostwald, states that in general it is not the most stable but the least stable polymorph that crystallises first. Table is a summary of the various ways that a drug might be absorbed. Because of therapeutical efficiency of drugs is determined by the processes of their absorption suctiondistribution and elimination bringing out from microorganism, biopharmacy pays oadmer attention on these processes as well as on influence on them physicochemical properties of medicinal substances.


We will be dealing mostly with how a drug gets to ladmrr biophase and is eliminated not what it does. The important pharmacokinetic parameters that influence the biological performance of dosage forms are volume of distribution, half-life, clearance and fraction absorbed. Medicinal substance as a dispersive phase interacts with a liquid dispersive medicum.

Dissolving of medicinal substances Solvency is a property of substances to dissolve in different solvents the amount of a solvent per 1. Polymorphic modifications formed by many chemicals as well as medicinal substances. Biopharmaceutical conception not only enriched of pharmacy by new theoretical positions and ideas but also gave the impulse of exceptional force to development of its applied industries — pharmaceutical technology and pharmaceutical analysis, set before them the new problems the decision of which will allow high-quality to change approach to creation of more effective medicines.

My presentations Profile Feedback Log lxdmer. Pharmacist in drug-store chooses neither medicinal substances nor medicinal forms, because determined form of prescription already exists. You sywtem be able to link these things to be able to understand how the body is reacting to a drug. Polymorphism in drugs can also have direct medical implications. Efficiency of medicinal substances releasing is in direct dependence on pharmaceutical factors and their successive use for advancement of active substances by following chart: The ladmdr condition of medicinal substances has essential influence on their aldmer effect.


Drug solubility and permeability are the two most important biopharmaceutical properties that influence drug absorption and oral bioavailability. Consequently, right choices of the technology of drugs, mechanization of technological process’s levels are needed.

Section 1 – LADME Scheme

First of all it relates to organic compounds, which can exist in two or more crystalline modifications. Polymorphism from Greek poll – it is a lot of, many, morphe – the form – ability of one compound to form different crystals of different form.

If the medicinal substance is state as fine-dispersive system, it is necessary to create terms in a medicinal form or in the moment of application in the organism of patient for translation of the fine-dispersive state into ionic or molecular-dispersive.

These models point out that the key parameters controlling drug absorbtion are three dimensionless numbers; an absorption number Ana dissolution number Dn and dose number Do ; representing the fundamental processes of membrane permeation, drug dissolution and dose, respectively Amidon et al.

Remember that form follows function.

When it becomes evident that a potential drug candidate has poor biopharmaceutic properties, due consideration must be given to its developability. Dissolution test parameters important to the results. It appeared after determination of therapeutical non-equivalence of drugs, which means drugs which have the same composition, but made by different pharmaceutical enterprises vary in therapeutical efficiency.

Silica is known to form many polymorphs, the most important of which are: Studying of pharmaceutical factors is obligatory from the point of view of biopharmaceutics in a view of their essential influence on dynamics of bioavailability of medicinal substances, stability of medicines during storage term and many other parameters.


Biopharmaceutics is scientific discipline without development of which it is impossible to represent modern pharmacology science. With respect to the hydrogen bonds formed by the carboxylic acid groups, both polymorphs form identical dimer structures. The most stable form is monoclinic form I. There’re some reasons for that: Various conditions in the crystallisation process systemm the main reason responsible ,admer the development of different polymorphic forms.

For the obtaining of permission for production of medicin es passes the certain stages of researches: When polymorphism exists as a result of difference in crystal packing, it is called packing polymorphism. Polarizing optical microscopy and thermomicroscopy have proven to be useful tools.

Pharmacotherapy has influence on medicinal substances as insufficient dispersiveness, and micro particles. Physical state of the medicinal substance.

What are the anatomical and physiological factors that affect absorption? Efficiency of medicinal substances releasing is in direct dependence on pharmaceutical factors and their successive use for advancement of active substances by following chart: Most drugs exhibit structural polymorphism from Greek.

Chemically the same substance varies in physical properties. These hurdles vary in how easily they can be overcome by formulation efforts. If this is too slow for the target release rate from the API, the formulation has to be enhanced to improve the release characteristics. Pharmaceutical factors influence on: Ostwald’s rule is not a universal law but is only a possible tendency in nature. One can subdivided this approach according to the scheme shown in fig. On the biological action of medicines can influence and other factors: Dressman of Goethe-University, Frankfurt, Germany.

Polymorphism can potentially be found in any crystalline material including polymers, minerals, and metals, and is related to allotropy, which refers to elemental solids. Foreing and native founders of biopharmaceutics are: Various stages of drug research.