Taslima Nasrin, on account of her personal experience of childhood The female characters in Lajja: Kironmoyee, Maya, and Shammima. Lajja is the story of the Dutta family; Suranjan Dutta, a Bengali Hindu, lives in Dhaka with his father Sudhamoy, mother Kironmoyee, and sister. Last Published: Thu, Sep 25 09 01 PM IST. Taslima Nasrin. Lajja: By Taslima Nasrin, translated by Anchita Ghatak, Penguin Books India, pages.

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The true shame is found in the fact that this vitally important topic is lost in the pedantic, repetitive recitation of the horrors inflicted upon the Hindu Bangladeshi by Muslims — pages and pages and pages of the stuff.

Dan nurani kita terluka. Nasrin has written 40 books in Bengali, which includes poetry, essays, novels and autobiography series.

Lajja: Shame | Taslima Nasrin | Book Review

And that goes for Bangladeshi spades too – again questioning the communal party who was causing riots and secular ruling party which masrin maintained silence. Since fleeing Bangladesh inshe has lived in many countries, and lives in United States as of July Feb 21, Aishu Rehman rated it liked it. She was forced to leave Bangladesh in and seek refuge in India. In Tasliima too, this aspect comes to light as there are women framed as good or bad by the patriarchal setup.

Atau juga perburuan para anggota Ahmadiyah oleh kelompok yang sama. Saat lajia, tetangga, dan kerabatnya berobondong-bondong meninggalkan Banglades menuju India untuk menyelamatkan diri, Sudhamoy sekeluarga tetap bertahan dengan sebongkah keyakinan bahwa biar taslimq yang terbaik adalah tetap tinggal di tanah airnya sendiri, kalau perlu sampai ajal menjemput. Will they stay safe this time?

By and large, it is at the cost of the family that a woman is conditioned to subdue her desires and fit into the socio-cultural framework. Bangladesh adalah Negara pecahan dari Pakistan, tepatnya di Pakistan sebelah timur. I salute the courage of Taslima for telling the truth in best way. Lajja, depicts certain men ravishing young Hindu girls for their pleasure and vilifying concerned Hindu families. Back home, I asked my mother what was Lajja, and she said: Potensi konflik antar agama kemudian mengakar, mengancam, dan di perparah dengan adanya jurang antara miskin dan kaya.


And after reading Lajja, I think she was right, it does messes up with your mind but in a positive manner. Certain questions like what the abductors must be doing with Maya; whether they may have tied up her legs and then raped her one by tasllima how she must be txslima the pain; whether she would be living or dead etc.

Lajja: Shame | Taslima Nasrin | Book Review | Drama |

Kejadian-kejadian seperti yang ditulis Taslima Nasrin dapat terjadi dimanapun dengan agama lajjx apabila pemeluknya bersikap fanatik berlebihan sehingga dapat menimbulkan pertumpahan darah dan mengorbankan rasa kemanusiaan Tak ada salahnya jika aku mengutip kata-kata K. Peristiwa inilah yang diangkat menjadi cerita fiksi novel Lajja oleh Taslima Nasrin, seorang feminis muslim asal Banglades.

For Suranjan, however, Shamima was not a whore but a girl belonging to majority community.

But why was he unable to stand proud like Kemal? Sebelum membaca buku ini aku sudah baca beberapa reviewnya, jadi sudah dapat memperkirakan isinya, tapi tetap masih penasaran untuk membacanya.

Sudhamoy, the patriarchfeels that Bangladesh, his motherlandshall never let him down. In a country where one will have to stifle their opinions http: The matter of the Babri Masjid would cause mayhem in Bangladesh too. Kar sevaks had brought down a year-old mosque.

Book Review | Lajja

A very nominal sum is allotted for minority religions — in fact four times that sum goes only to rehabilitation of those who chose to converted to Islam. As a story per se, it is about the riots that happen in Bangladesh as an aftermath of the Babri Masjid demolition and how a Hindu family pays a heavy price because its men happen to be too idealistic. Suranjan, their son, believes that nationalism will be stronger than communalism, but is progressively disappointed and finds himself adopting communal reactions which contrast entirely with the ideology of patriotism he has always had faith in.


As a novel, it was a bit of a slog reading through because she was making the same points again and again and you get what she lajjja trying to say pretty much in the intial 50 pages of the book itself. Being communists, the family did not believe in any religion whether Hindu or Muslim and humanity was the only religion for them. Crude oil prices to direct sugar prices in The wails and shrieks of the young girl Maya went in vain as there was none who could come forward and help the family in finding her and taking action against the male predators who abducted her.

All she could do was secretly shed tears and behave submissively, which is refrential of the patriarchal setup, where the family is lajja by a male member, who is supposed to be all powerful and centralized. In spite of millions of Hindus from Bangladesh going away to India in search of peace and safety, the Duttas are unwavering in their decision to stay back regardless of all the odds.

All the characters talked like newspapers. Membaca buku ini bagiku memberikan pembelajaran bagaimana agar kita sebagai manusia beragama dapat berempati kepada kaum minoritas. It’s a timeless classic that needs to be read more, to understand the plight of countries fighting over religion, and how taslia can retain idealism of people who give importance to humanity over religion. Taslima has put a lot of efforts to make this book factual, which sometimes gives feel of reading a journalist diary.

The haslima follows the disillusionment of this father and son about their country.