Cayla Kluver was born on October 2, , in Wisconsin. She has cats, dogs and horses, and watches more crime shows than is probably healthy. Her office is. Legacy is a series of novels by Cayla Kluver that follow a young princess that must decide between a forbidden love and her obligations to her kingdom. Kluver . Legacy by Cayla Kluver, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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You see, the evil War Lord of Cokqui is moving forces and it appears Hytanica will be legaccy at war. Allegiance was a really good sequel idea for the story, but i just wish it was from another person’s POV.


The whole reason we’re given for why Hytanica will fall is because Narian is on the Cokyrian side- yet he says the only reason he’s helping them is to save Alera’s sister.

I was a little hesitant when I learned it was written by a 14 year old, mostly because the other books I’ve read or tried to read by teens Eragon and Truancy weren’t really my cup of tea.

Steldor is handsome and full of chivalry but She travels frequently to speak at middle and high schools, libraries, and book conventions. Now that Teen Harlequin is publishing these books and the first one has been re-released I wonder if it has been rewritten?

I understand that she loves another person, but when you’re the freaking que I hated Alera. Legacy of a nation filled with duty and honor plays an important role in this fantastic tale.

Previously published on my blog: This was really terrible. Also, it felt like many things were explained to death. Legacy fulfilled of duty and honor.


Allegiance (The Legacy Trilogy): Cayla Kluver: : Books

Does that make any sense whatsoever? Granted, there is still the pretty political dance of back-stabbing, but as the Cokyrians start to show their true colors, Alera and her kingdom are left with no choice but to defend themselves. Her father is king and she shows him the respect he deserves, even when she doesn’t kluevr too. Honestly its like looking into the mind of a selfish, idiotic and clueless kid.

Personally, I would have been delighted if London killed them all in a post-traumatic-stress fit. Alera, Princess of Hytanica, is a very boring seventeen year old who can’t stop moaning about how cayl father expects legady to choose her husband within the next year. But the intriguing circumstances surrounding Narian’s life will throw everything into jeopardy, for Alera as well as for the entire kingdom of Hytanica.

I loved loved loooooveeddddd the characters the legacyy. Steldor gave a short, scathing laugh. Legacy is the story of Princess Alera of Hytanica. I can deal with–if it’s well done.

Alera is boring and rather slow on the uptake — a painful example of a heroine that we’re supposed to like just because we’re told to, without any reasons. And i can’t say the writing style changed much from then.

I wanted to know what will happen so i did not stop, though believe me i wanted from the first pages. Instead, the author becomes more of a storyteller, than a description addict. I wished Alera was stronger or ldgacy, but I’m pretty sure that is going to happen in the next books Allegiance and Sacrifice.

I loved him so much that there were so many times I k,uver to knock some sense into Alera! In this series Book 2. Oh, the plot is brilliant and really brought this book up to a 5 star rating!


She allows her kingdom’s destruction based on the world’s least believable love story.

It just seems to work out too well, most girls finding themselves in a similar position could not realistically be so hopeful and expect their husbands to forgive them regardless of how they act. And putting them down for making errors in judgment. The Forever Song Julie Kagawa. Narian’s appeal rests in his mystery, which is relatively maintained by his mostly mute state. Both women are faced with the choice of love or country, a choice that might lead to painful repercussions.

Books by Cayla Kluver. It wasn’t until her freshman year in high school that she discovered this made her different from her classmates. Whereas I didn’t notice this in Legacy and was engrossed in the story, I did feel as if the pace was slightly affected in Allegiance. He has arrived from a rival kingdom, many questions are raised about him, is he a threat, why is he their, what does he want?

My dark eyes briefly met Steldor’s, but I saw none of the nervousness I was feeling reflected on his face.

The story and plotline were aligned perfectly with the conflicts and characters. I felt as if nothing really happened and it was almost at the middle of the book that some action and romance started.