52/, Normele metodologice de aplicare a prevederilor Legii nr. Legea nr. / privind protecţia şi promovarea drepturilor persoanelor cu handicap. HGR Actualizata Report. Post on Jul LEGEA Din Actualizata Pana in Documents · Oug 34 Actualizata. / is implemented quickly, then the number of families receiving 4. 5. 42/ – pentru modificarea úi completarea Legii nr. .. Law no/

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Is the Commission aware of this violent cycle of verbal abuse, financial blackmail, sexual humiliation, beating and rape?

Respect for fundamental values in the EU. Social dumping between Member States at the expense of workers. Gli Stati membri sono autorizzati zctualizata avere in vigore norme quali quella in questione, a condizione che rispettino la legislazione dell’UE in materia di appalti pubblici e i principi del trattato.

Toegang voor vrouwen tot het schiereiland Athos. EU co-financing for abortion-related projects. It has not removed all obstacles to the free movement of goods, including restrictions on a direct transport link with Cyprus. The online consultation carried out in early elicited answers from a very large number of European citizens.


EU compliance standards for vessels transporting nuclear materials and waste. The Commission will raise this issue with Member States through the Committee on the protection of species of wild fauna and flora by regulating trade therein, with a view to avoid such cases in the future. Non-compliance of dolphinaria in the EU.

What is the exact breakdown of the costs for data processing and telecommunication forandrespectively?

Antidiscrimination and diversityand aims, actualizatta others, to promote networking, mutual learning, identification and dissemination of good practice and innovative approaches, as well as to support the capacity of key European level networks. Possibile violazione del regolamento CE n. Finanziamenti europei per la cooperazione allo sviluppo.


Transposition of directives in the Kingdom of Spain. How many participants does the Commission expect to make use of the Consumer Classroom over a defined period of time?

Legea farmaciei nr. /, republicata in 2 februarie

Could the Commission outline which Member States will benefit from this programme and the budget that has been set aside to see it through to fruition? In particular, it must not give rise to border-crossing formalities in trade between Member States and must respect the non-discrimination principle. European citizens are very concerned about unnecessary suffering of animals as a result of inhumane capture devices such as leghold traps.

Can the Commission explain the reasoning behind this discrimination? Abolition of milk quotas: There is no differentiation of treatment regarding procedures on openness and transparency between Israel and Palestine and any of the countries referred to in the questions.

De Commissie kent geen rechtstreekse subsidies toe aan de contractanten. Every Member State has to reach individual targets for the overall share of renewable energy in energy consumption. In andthe Commission put in place the new tools and procedures introduced by the new approach to Budget Support, such as the Risk Management Framework. Failure of the Portuguese Government to comply with legislation relating to the identification of the risks of workers being exposed to asbestos.

EUR-Lex – JOC___R_ – EN – EUR-Lex

In this call many countries were eligible, including the Actualizwta of Ireland and Great Britain. Welche dieser Immobilien mietet die Stiftung an? This means that consumers who want to replace their mobile phone also have to replace their charger.

The departments of the Commission in charge of animal welfare issues and agricultural policy have not had any contact or collaboration with FederFauna and are not aware of any of its activities.


How can the Commission help remove the obstacles hindering the development of geothermal energy exploitation capacities? These principles do allow for explicit targeting, but this should not be exclusive in nature i.

This study could be published in the coming months. Daneben finden auch andere Amateur-Sportveranstaltungen, wie z.

Occorre trovare una 22006 accettabile per tutti attraverso il dialogo e nel rispetto del diritto internazionale. Detailed provisions on the possibility for support by the funds to such levea will be the subject of negotiations between the Commission, Italy and individual regions on the partnership agreement and operational programmes and will be laid down in these programming documents. Il regolamento CEE actulizata. Increase in violence against women in Sweden. The Commission considers that the inclusion of details of the price paid to the initial producer and the mark-ups applied by intermediaries, along with the final price, on the labels of pre-packaged foodstuffs would not be meaningful, notably because it does not take into account the costs incurred by each level in the chain or the marketing strategies of the various actors in the supply chain.

In addition the group has been asked by the Agency to input in an analysis of frailty evaluation tools available for clinical leyea. Indeed, the Commission is not aware that such precise information is available even at Member State level although there may well be academic research which does look at this question.

What action can the Commission take to promote such innovative models across Europe?