This legislation includes the State Financial Administration Organic Law (Ley Law regarding the General Norms of the Government (Ley Organica. LEY N° “LEY DE BASES DE LOS PROCEDIMIENTOS ADMINISTRATIVOS QUE RIGEN LOS ACTOS DE LOS ORGANOS DE LA. Banco Central Articulo 1. La Administración del Estado estará constituida por los Ministerios, las Intendencias, las Gobernaciones y.

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These prohibitions apply both to open television and cable services. These so-called reporting bans reached their apogee under the military government but have continued to be imposed, with less frequency, until the present.

While the composition, powers, and modus operandi of the CCC have been subject to only cosmetic change since the election of President Aylwin, the council has adjusted its role in three respects: Importantly, Article 7 of the bill established the principle that “the acts of the organs of public administration are public, apart from the exceptions established by law.

The Appeals Court decision merits further discussion since it reveals a mode of thinking inconsistent with the value placed on freedom of opinion and pluralism in a secular democracy.

In its reply to the Inter-American Commission, which Human Rights Watch has reviewed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs considered that the information to which Terram was denied access “directly affected the way in which the Committee exercises its attributions” and was therefore properly held confidential. As noted above, the bill was superseded by the public administration reform. The information denied concerned the basis on which the Foreign Investment Committee had decided on Trillium’s suitability for the project.

Certain types of spectacle are equivalent to a kind of moral drug against good customs. These bills did not pass, since the government decided instead to incorporate many of their norms as amendments to the main statute governing public administration.

It also explicitly limits the right to withhold the identity of sources to journalists so defined, journalism students who have completed their courses or are on practice apprenticeships, newspaper director and editors, and foreign correspondents. What is his civil status, his nationality or his patrimony? The judges declared that it was “manifestly without basis” and ruled it inadmissable. The complaint held that the judicial ban on the screening of The Last Temptation of Christ made the state responsible for violating freedom of expression guarantees in Article 13 of the American Convention.


These include Article of the Penal Code, which prohibits public leey from revealing secrets or confidential documents, regardless of the intention or effect of the revelation; the Code of Military Justice, which imposes even harsher penalties on personnel who disregard the military code of silence on institutional matters; Article 74 Bis B of the Criminal Procedure Code, child prohibits the police from divulging information about criminal inquiries in progress; Article 19 2 of the Law on Abuses of Publicity which prohibits unauthorized disclosure in the media of secret “measures, agreements or officials documents disposiciones, acuerdos o documentos oficialesor secret documents which form part of a criminal investigation, a norm which goes back to ; 95 and Article 25 of the same law, which allows judges to prohibit the publication of any information about criminal investigations in progress.

Article 19 2 of the Law on Abuses of Publicity extends the prohibition to anyone who “knowingly publishes. From until Julythe CCC banned fifty-two 35 millimeter films, and films in video format. Sergio Diez of RN has compared films with narcotics: Television stations exhibiting films banned by the classification council or transmitting films classified for over-eighteens at family viewing hours risk fines or ultimately cancellation of their broadcasting licenses.

By disallowing the use of free speech to present an alternative view to an accepted historical reality, the verdict is contrary to the essence of freedom of expression in a democratic society, which upholds the right to make such challenges without fear of censorship.

It was impossible to discern on what grounds the ban on Bilbao had been maintained, since neither film was intended for commercial exhibition and both were of obvious cultural interest.

The judges evaded their responsibility toreconcile the rival claims of freedom of expression and the principle of honor by establishing, on legal argument, where their limits lay in the case before them. The Last Temptation of Christ.

The Last Temptation verdict has two other disturbing implications. This was shown clearly in the Trillium case, currently before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, in which the government Foreign Investment Committee failed to respond to a request from Terram, a non-governmental ecology group, for information about investment by the U.



Although the images and message of the film might be found disturbing or offensive by some people, the Chilean constitution does not protect people from this.

Moreover, numerous laws still impose restrictions on the right to know, particularly in regard to criminal investigations in the courts. The last two categories le censors ample discretion in deciding when a film endangers public morality and public order, concepts that are left undefined in Decree Law A higher age limit of twenty-one in the original decree was later eliminated to reflect the reduction of the legal age of majority from twenty-one to eighteen.

International norms protect freedom of expression and information for everyone regardless of their status or attributions.

ley de probidad chile pdf

Nor could the judgment establish that the honor of the petitioners was affected, since the film obviously made no reference to them, nor indeed could it be read as an attack on the Christian faith or on Christians generally. The council also is mandated to enforce the law by chkle cinemas.

The CCC has not invoked it in recent years andconsiders it to have been tacitly repealed by the constitutional reform. They consider that the need for transparency and openness in public administration is an integral part of a governmental campaign against corruption, which is seen as a priority by pey political sectors.

This limitation of the right to maintain the confidentiality of sources to those holding a journalism degree is unjustifiable, in Human Rights Watch’s view, since this right exists to safeguard the public’s right to information about matters of public interest, which is not served exclusively by any professional group.