18 Petre Vintilescu, Liturghierul explicat, Bucureşti, , p. 19 In the Septuagint, the verb “λειτουργεῖν” is used 42 times and with the exclusive meaning. Un antimension (du grec αντι «au lieu de» et du latin mensa «table»: littéralement «au lieu , publié par l’Église orthodoxe russe, Moscou, ↑ Voir: Preotul Petre Vintilescu, Liturghierul Explicat, Bucarest, , p. Lire en. Petre Vintilescu, Liturghierul explicat (The Liturgy Book Explained), Editura. Institutului Biblic úi de Misiune al Bisericii Ortodoxe Române, Bucureúti, , p.

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Soponaru Stefan’s

To this day properties nationalized by force under communism have not all been returned to their legitimate owners. Victor Turner refers to multiplication in relation to Ndembu increase rituals, see V. Proud of his treasures, he kept them in a special plastic bag in his xeplicat satchel to show to his friends. The present patriarch is overseeing the proliferation of candle-consuming cults, of which he is a main 39 See chapter 5: They had baptisms and religious marriages performed in their houses.

The revival of religion in Romania has much to do with a general sense of insecurity amongst the population. A few rubbed handkerchiefs, scarves or other personal items against the icon, thus transform- ing them into protective explivat others touched the icon with flowers that they walked away with.

Espe- cially since a number of them have created a kind of esplicat in their ritual practices that are said to help solve particular problems, mostly concerning health or of a financial or emotional nature. Also see the no. Why does a single ritual performance not suffice? Increased insecurity went hand in hand with greater appeal of religion. Furthermore, he is playing an important role in marketing the Ortho- dox Church. To flesh out our account we now discuss a number of concrete examples of ritual multiplication: The time spent under the baldachin could be divided into three distinct moments.


In they were all sanctified by the Romanian church and declared martyrs. Multiplied contacts with the saints and God are established through ritual actions involving relics, liturgierul, mir, holy water and so forth, which might seem insignificant but are standard practices perceived to channel divine power.

The believers expanded the principle applied to the holy oil to other objects they had brought with them. Rituals are magical practices in which the personal goal one wants to achieve is all important. After a few hours of waiting, people finally reached the baldachin hosting the precious relics. Apart from Christmas, the feasts of at least six major saints are cele- brated in this period.

The following year he became the second protector of the monastery, after the Holy Trinity. He has pub- lished extensively on ritual and is the author of A death in the Tiwi Islands: They sat in front of their tray of candles, fully ex- posed to the icy wind that kept blowing out their lighted candles.

More than persons, mainly from the city, were queuing up, among them a few rural women, nuns and monks, and many young people, sometimes accompanied by children.


Saint Nectarios is a good example of the increasing relic veneration in Bucha- rest.

Thus we witnessed, on a Liturghierrul evening inthe endurance shown by approximately 20 people kneeling on the bare floor on the open porch of that church. Further along people were lighting candles for the dead and the living. The same was done with the flowers and the basil distributed on the occasion, which had previously been passed over the relics.

Religion was not completely banned, but it could not feature too prominently in the public domain. Religious experience reconsidered Princeton The supply she had at home was almost finished and she needed some more for her morning ritual: Many young people were in the queue, probably because Saint Anthony the Great is also known as the protector of couples, helping people to find a partner or solve love problems.

Antimension — Wikipédia

Irina Stahl] 57 In actual speech the meaning of the word mir, initially referring to the holy oil, seems to be extended to small objects impregnated with it. The defective justice system, as repeatedly pointed out by the European Union, made people realize that justice could not be done and that they did not have anybody to turn to.

Each was holding a thick bundle of notes in his hands, reading them out one by one in a mumbling, monotonous voice.