Rich Dad advisor Garrett Sutton talks about the loopholes of real estate investing, discussing financial tax and legal advantages of investing in. Investing in real estate is as easy as understanding the tax code and personal- injury law, according to this informative but daunting primer, part. Whether you’re buying your first home, or adding another multi-unit apartment complex to your vast real estate portfolio, Garrett Sutton’s book is.

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He goes into everything from asset protection to tax savings to how to pick the best property. Each week, our editors select loopoles one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect tarrett alert. Written in a friendly tone and worded so that it is easy to understand, this is a precisely written, thoroughly organized guide to all things real estate; it does not just inundate the reader with laws, tax rules, and loopholes it offers lucid explanations demonstrated by case examples that depict real life situations.

Loopholes of Real Estate : Garrett Sutton :

ot There are so many people moving there. Your chances are the same whether you buy a ticket or not with the lottery. Publisher’s Summary Loopholes of Real Estate is for the first time as well as seasoned investors. You will gain understanding how you should structure for asset protection and tax savings and what and who to watch out for.

Loopholes Of Real Estate Investing with Garrett Sutton | PREI 112

However, reading this book will provide you This book offers the most straightforward and comprehensive overview of the strategies, benefits, risks and potential pitfalls that every real estate investor needs to understand. You’ll never remember all of this.


Then you must decide where you want your properties to be. Very detailed, thorough and in depth. Even though they recommend to take money out of Tax Sheltered investments which I think is a bad idea in the history of bad ideas!

One property in one llc? It all works together well. Jul 24, RJ Martino rated it really liked it. Excellent stuff to add to my collection. lloopholes

Loopholes of Real Estate | Corporate Direct

You authored a fantastic book called Loopholes of Real Estate. I want to thank each and every one of you for that. The audiobook clearly identifies how these loopholes can be used together to maximize your income and protect your investments.

Crisply told and featuring real life illustrative stories, Writing Winning Business Plans ooopholes all the key elements for a successful plan.

You cover 53 loopholes, and these are loopholes that real estate investors should consider or even take advantage of. I wrote Loophole of Real Estate to help overcome fear and lack of knowledge, but you have to be the one who does it.

It can certainly be managed through insurance, legal structures and other common strategies that are not difficult nor expensive. You have to work with your asset protection attorney. When you call, we do answer the phone and we will answer your questions. Being a landlord can actually be fun – if you do it right. You still should consult with your own advisors on specific deals. Garrett Garrstt book, “Loopholes of Real Estate”, is the best and most comprehensive book that I know suttoh to frame a person’s perspective of real estate investment through the lenses of tax minimization, asset protection, and cash flow maximization.

Don’t like your audiobook? Mastering debt can bring wealth and success. I intend to recommend this book to all of my clients and colleagues who either already engage in, or express a desire in, real estate investing.


We need to take the steps right at the start to protect your assets because we live in this society where attorneys are able to have contingency fees. The book clearly identifies how these loopholes can be used together to maximize income and protect investments. It makes it very difficult for the car wreck victim to get through the Wyoming LLC at suyton other properties. See the Table of Contents Written in easy to understand language, this book de-mystifies the legal and tax aspects of investing with easy-to-follow, real-life examples.

They should read it at least twice because there is so eshate in there. It makes the management of ownership so much simpler. Thanks for your time. Do you want one property per LLC? Hi im in need of this book for now but i have no monetary way to it, i want someone who have it to do an exchange with me, here what i can propose: Asset protection is a dynamic area of the law, and this new edition sets forth the strongest and most useful tactics for protecting businesses, real estate, intellectual property, and paper assets.

We could spend another episode talking about the taxation and migration in and out of California. The court goes through the land trust to the beneficiary, the LLC. But how many of you actually invest in real estate? Loopholes of Real Estate Rated 5.