“Lord Ullin’s Daughter” is a ballad which tells the tragic story of the daughter of Lord Ullin and her lover who die a very sorrowful death when. Poem in Brief: “Lord Ullin’s Daughter” is a ballad which tells the tragic story of the daughter of Lord Ullin and her lover who die a very sorrowful. The poem consists of 13 stanzas. Each of these stanzas is again made up of 4 lines. Hence, the entire poem consists of 52 lines in total.

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Welcome, Login to your account. Not sure about the answer? Adughter it is too late and before the Lord could do anything, the little boat capsizes and the three of them are drowned in the turbulent waters of Lochgyle. The poem begins with the daughter and her lover, the Scottish chieftain arriving at the banks of Lochgyle with the intention of eloping to a safer place. We will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible. It is very helpful: Already Have an Account? Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

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Meanwhile Lord Ulllin reaches the shore and helplessly watches his daughter perish in the raging water before his eyes. Even though the water is flowing so fast that white froth is rising to its surface, the boatman would row them across the loord. The water wraith is the spirit of the lake. By continuing, I agree that I am at least 13 years old and have read and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy. Rajib Ghosh says 2 years ago.


The chieftain, chief of Ulva’s island, promises to reward the boatman with a silver pound on helping him and his beloved, Lord Ullin’s daughter, to elope to a distant land. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply.

Summary and Solved Questions of Lord Ullin’s Daughter by Thomas Campbell – Beaming Notes

But unfortunately, tragedy dwells upon Lord Ullin’s daughter and her lover as both of them are drowned leaving Lord Ullin completely shattered. I am study in 9th std and iam in cbse syllabus This poem i study so it is very helpful for prepare an appreciation Thanks.

Mitali Sharma says 3 years ago. He agrees to take the lovers across the sea even in such a terrible storm.

His heart melts and he cries out to her to lod and that he would accept her lover.

Fathima-tul -Zuhra 4 June at Giving up his reluctance, the boatman agrees to ferry them to a distant lorrd. Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn. The examples of alliteration are: All content submitted here are by contributors. When Lord Ullin saw that her lovely daughter was in danger, he became very sad. Well structured and set in a lyrical tone with a regular rhyme scheme, the poem has a curious beginning, a terrifying middle and a tragic end.

But when he saw that her daughter had entered into daughtre mouth of death i.

Lord Ullin’s Daughter chap Summary (english) – CBSE Study Material

This site uses cookies: She prefers to embrace lor for the sake of love than confront a wrathful father who will oppose her choice to marry the chieftain. Soon the storm grows fiercer and the waves get menacing.

At that time when they were talking, the sea was turning furious.

The weather is stormy and it is very dangerous to cross the Lochgyle in such a state. You might also like More from author. Lord Ullin and his army chased the couple for three days.


Why do I need to sign yllin The lover offers the boatman a silver pound to cross them to safety. He cried them to come back to the grief. At once his wrath transforms into wailing. Answer quality is ensured by our experts.

The sea was roaring and the waves wear producing furious sound.

A password will be e-mailed to you. He cried that he would forgive both of them and pleaded them to return back. In this stanza, the boatman asks who it is that wants to cross the Lochgyle Lake on such a stormy day.

Lord Ullin’s Daughter chap Summary (english)

The boat has left the shore when Lord Ullin and his men reach. Speak Gently Summary by David Bates. Not sure about the answer? If you want to contact us regarding any particular content on the website, please use the contact page. Lord ullin’s daughter summary. The boat has left the shore when Lord Ullin and his men reach. A in English andI love reading good books and sharing knowledge with others. As the storm became more terrifying, it was proving more difficult for the boatman to control his vessel.

Now the Lord remained alone on the shore lamenting on his fate. Lord Ullin’s hard heart was also melt by her daughters love to the chieftain. In the beginning, the poem portrays that a chieftain is appealing to a boatman to ferry him and his beloved despite stormy weather.