Top: The Bulgarian ruler Krum assembling his army. Bottom: The Byzantine soldiers urging Michael I to fight (Fol. 11r). The proclamation of Leo. Boor, D., Weieres zur Chronik des Skylitzes, en Byzantinische Zeitschrift, 14 ( ), pp. Boskov, A., The miniatures of the Madrid manuscript of. A heavily illustrated illuminated manuscript of the Synopsis of Histories (Σύνοψις Ἱστοριῶν), by John Skylitzes, covering the reigns of the Byzantine emperors.

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Chapters of the Madrid Skylitzes

Coronation of John Tzimiskes. Theophilos and the Patriarch lead a procession for the salvation of the city Fol. Pages in category “Madrid Skylitzes” The following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total.

Bulgarians defeat Byzantines under Krenites and Kourtikios. But it falls short of the Octateuchs, for example, in its employment of these devices. Cretan Saracens pursue Krateros and capture and hang him at Kos Fol.

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Photoshop colour analysis suggests that red ink may have been used for the periods on certain pages, such as v—r, but the edges of the dots seem to have the same colour as the text.

Alusian has Delyan blinded at a banquet. The end result sjylitzes be confusion and frustration. Byzantines and Arabs in Skylitzzes Ioannis Skylitzes. Punctuation started as an attempt to clarify meaning on the written page by representing the phrasing and intonation of speech. Illustration from the Madrid Skylitzes.

Leo V orders severe punishments for crimes. Careful punctuation is not unique to the Madrid manuscript, and variations in punctuation between the Naples and Madrid manuscripts are few and far between. It goes without saying that the visual image of the text inevitably plays an important role in the copying process, and doubtless it helps avoid many errors. Byzantines ksylitzes Krateros defeat the Cretan Saracens.


He makes a number of corrections. There arose a great uproar; to the emperor danger threatening; which the droungarios of the watch Constantine, with many troops in the middle suddenly appearing, dispersed; with praises acclaiming the emperor; and that justly did Bardas die confirming. Leo V is informed of Michael the Stammerer’s insults Fol. None of the apographa of the Madrid Skylitzes Thurn xxv are illustrated. Hippodrome Chronicle of John Skylitzes.

Clash between the armies of Bardas Skleros and Bardas Phokas. Skylitzs confirm the fall of Syracuse to admiral Adrianos Fol. In madtid context, the accusative singular to;n ajrchgo;n rather than the genitive plural tw’n ajrchgw’n makes good sense up until the very last word of the phrase: Miniature from the Madrid Skylitzes. Byzantines under Nikephoros Phokas capture Amantia.

In the Madrid Skylitzes I think we can see another factor: The Madrid Skylitzes as an Audio-Visual Experiment Skylitzes slylitzes obliged to distribute miniatures fairly evenly, at a rate of roughly three per opening, but were unable to sustain their high standards throughout such a long text. Madird scribe allows for the illustrations by leaving a half-column space within the text area, sometimes extending mzdrid space into the margin.

If is associated with an Alamy account you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Consecration of Patriarch Euthymius I of Constantinople. Bulgarian forces rout the Byzantines at Anchialos in Santabarenos the monk advises prince Leo to carry a knife Fol.

Category:Madrid Skylitzes

Admiral Adrianos is informed of the fall of Syracuse by demons Fol. Patriarch Theodotos Melissenos propagates Iconoclasm Fol. It may occur towards the end of a page, in which case the illustration is forced into the bottom margin or an unsightly gap is left and the illustration deferred until the other side of the page, disassociating it from the relevant text. John the Orphanotrophos sends Phagitzes with relics to Constantine Dalassenos.


Discussion between Leo V and the monk of Dagisteas Fol. Chronicle by John Skylitzis, which depicts the elevation of the emperor on a shield by the soldiers. Bulgarian forces rout the Byzantines at Bulgarophygon in Byzantine emperor Leo VI receives a Bulgarian delegation. Danelis had requested this upon learning from a monk that Basil was ordained by God to become emperor.

A monk shows the Cretan Saracens where to build Chandax. The Arabs drive the Byzantines to flight at Azazion Fol.

Madrid Skylitzes – Wikipedia

We’ve sent an email to Please follow the instructions to reset your password. Miniature showing the punishment to the accomplices in the death of the Emperor Leo. Leo V is informed of Michael the Stammerer’s insults.

I imagine that their success is due in part to the artist knowing that he has to carry the story and rising to the challenge, and in part also maadrid the familiarity of the narrative, such as the life or the passion of Christ, which were recounted year after year in the annual liturgical cycle.