On the other, Mysterium wants to teach Pentacle, to be it’s librarians and archivists – and make all mages depend on them – and by this, their. The members of the Mysterium believe their order to be the purest, because it shuns mundane power. These mages prefer to seek pure magical knowledge. Dec 3, Awakened society looks upon the Mysterium as the great but when any mage seeks esoteric lore outside of his own experience, it is usually.

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Ritual Spells take a very long time to cast. Order mages have written several treatises on the maeg, but most of them can be distilled into the following three aphorisms.

In a way, you charge yourself to create something that’s worth contributing so you’re worth contributing too. Mysterium mages travel to obscure corners of the globe to add what lies there to the sum of occult knowledge.

For what you need to pay in favors? Every member of the Mysterium is called a mystagogue: All that matters is Atlantis, magic and the secret codes that lay hidden in the world. We learned, after long trial, error, and heartache, to never give release dates. This way you only would need mages and awakehing it easier to use. The consilium prevents factions from grouping up openly, and cleans up mystwrium the mess.


I think a decent example is in Avatar: Why would you need multiple tools? So, renamed after the concept it embodies, I give you…. Only problem is – When enough is enough? Censors never destroy when they confiscate. In exchange, DevCom grants requests for customized enhanced items, imbued items, artifacts, spell assistance, tutoring, access to public facilities, rotes, etc thf.

Arcane lore is dangerous and is only acquired at great cost.


But for this “mission” to work, mystagogues need to make other mages depend on them – so they need to share some knowledge for free. Higher status members may have functional items from chapter to chapter, or request assistance from other mages throughout a scene. The Exarchs imprison the world by promoting ignorance, because they understand this truth. Basically mytserium that needs doing.

Mysterium | Mage the Awakening Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

But then again, you also have to keep those helpers save and happy: Access to the egregore opens certain techniques for use within Mysterium rituals. Ignorance, then, is more than a practical disadvantage. Durallian Delinquency Star Wars: Previous 1 2 3 Next. I disagree – yes, “Knowledge has Price” is motto of Mysterium.

If its valueless then it must be worthless. Ryan’s Campaigns Lost Timelines. The modern order values its scholar-adventurers as much as its librarians. They mystrrium more powerful than the Masque merit!

Mysterium – OakthorneWiki

I have two words for you: No, it does not. Not exactly five dot material. The ranks of initiation have various symbolic titles for each of the five degrees, such as third-degree member.


I must agree with Falco, the Merit itself sounds like a waste of Expiriance to take. This Merit reflects a deeper inclusion into Mysterium secrets than the Mysterium Status Merit normally grants.

Even if they are mages, all aeakening stuff still costs a lot of time – even with magic. Typically, players in the past would only read what they felt like they needed to to create their character.

If your status is 3 or greater, the diamond and seer orders expel you, while the free council and, in rarer cases, the mysterium, keep you to a distance status 1.


I don’t think the Mysterium do ever give knowledge away for free, but when they consider the knowledge cheap enough the price they ask won’t be an imposition to the character. The mage can bargain and work to mysteerium others supply effects, and favors should reflect the debt incurred.

Retrieved from ” http: Views Article Discussion Edit History. Originally posted by GhostTurtle View Post. It’s part of one of their main axioms, Knowledge is Power.