GRAHAM PA, NAYLOR EJ. Photographic method of measuring the angle of squint. Br J Ophthalmol. Jul;41(7)– [PMC free article] [PubMed]. In using the major amblyoscope for this purpose, a fixation object is supplied alternately to each eye, the arms of the instrument being adjusted until no ocular . Birmingham, West Midlands; Salary between-(£77,£,). Consultant Ophthalmologist with a specialist interest in Medical Retina. The Birmingham.

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major amblyoscope

A pair of removable Haidinger’s Brushes motor units are included in the model. This model of Clement Clarke Synoptophore combines all the features of the model, with the exception of the Haidinger’s Brushes device.

For generations, the Clement Clarke Synoptophore has been the standard instrument of choice for the busy Orthoptic clinic. I consent and agree that the information I have provided may be retained and used to keep me informed about future Haag-Streit UK products, services, education and events. It will establish binocular potential in the presence of horizontal, vertical and torsional components.

Assess all grades of Binocular Single Vision. An automatic flashing unit allows each eye to be stimulated alternately or simultaneously. Synoptophore in the 21st Century.



All the standard measurements and treatments are possible on this instrument including assessment of the angle alpha, the objective angle, abnormal retina correspondence, cyclophoria, hyperphoria and horizontal vertical vergences. All of the Synoptophore models allow standard measurements and treatments.

An extensive range of complimentary hand-crafted slides are available, whose images are easily understood and recognised by patients. First grade of BSV, Simultaneous Perception SP is easily assessed using two dissimilar images and adjusting the controls of the Synoptophore until the images are superimposed or one image is suppressed.

Versatile, accurate & easy-to-use

This allows the user to employ pleoptic techniques to assess and treat eccentric fixation and abnormal retinal majir. We’ll always treat your personal data carefully and will never sell, distribute or lease your data to any third-parties.

The Clement Clarke Synoptophore is ideal for the assessment and treatment of ocular motility disorders. Synoptophore instructions for use. The range of Clement Clarke Synoptophores are consistently updated to meet stringent international regulatory standards.

Don’t fill this field! Assess all grades of BSV. The eyepieces of the Synoptophore are then converged and diverged until either maior disappears or the image splits into two.

The slides fit all Synoptophore models and come in different colour-coded series, for use in different tests and treatments. Please tell me more about Synoptophore.


Ophthalmic Mini Catalogue April Can we keep you informed? They enable the assessment of simultaneous perception, fusional amplitudes and gross stereopsis in all positions of gaze. The models have routinely undergone rigorous safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC and environmental testing.

All Clement Clarke Synoptophore models allow standard measurements and treatments. The entry level Synoptophore provides all the standard measurements and treatments, including; assessment of the angle alpha, the objective angle, abnormal retina correspondence, cyclophoria, hyperphoria and horizontal vertical vergences. After images are achieved by using high-intensity halogen light sources and condensing systems. Manual flashing switches and independent dimming rheostats are provided as standard.

Click here to view our Privacy Policy. Complex binocular vision anomalies, such as cranial nerve palsies can be fully-assessed using the ambidextrous controls of the Synoptophore. It is the standard instrument for the busy clinic and ideal for the assessment and treatment of patients needing orthoptic care or management.

I am interested in a The third grade of Binocular Single Vision BSVStereopsis, can grossly be quantified using two disparate images to indicate depth perception and provide a stereoacuity value.