Malcador Heavy Tanks are Gen 1 Baneblades. . and under 8th ed. rules, it’s become a lot more useful and a real threat to my opponent. I pciked up a malcador for my GC after FW released that image of the various The issue I’m having is which rule set do I use for this tank. So with that said, I have decided to purchase a Malcador tank over . As one who has never seen a Malcador in action nor read the rules for it.

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Once malador and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more. Further exasperating its already shoddy military performance. If you already have an account, login here – otherwise create an account for free today! Furthermore, I am unsure of the best armament for each variant.

But in the end do what you want mate, it’s your army and your hobbying experience. Tan all the variants, the Valdor is perhaps the rarest and most expensive of them all.

For my Mqlcador ‘s fluff, I was considering having them hail from one of those “forgotten” Imperial worlds, and either were still producing Malcadors when they were rediscovered a few thousand years ago, or had preserved foundries that could be fired up by the Adepts and still churn them out. Because yes, 40k is that ridiculous of a setting to have tanks that can be put soundly into a category like that.

That said, the tanks were never destroyed, merely stored or “moth-balled”, as the practice is also known in the real worldand even though their design is out-of-date and ill-understood, they are still made by M’khand and other Forge Worlds in limited quantities to fill the gap between demand for tani tanks and the production of “proper” super-heavies like the Baneblade.


The Dracosan was a common sight in the 30th Millennium, being manufactured under compact by several dozen Forge Worlds across the Imperium to standards only usually required of war machines destined for service with the Legiones Astartes. I feel that if you ,alcador an Annihilator, you should stick to the Leman Russ chassis.

In addition, apparently Big Bobby G. Just call them heavily experienced Krieg armor. Perhaps a Militarum tempestus detachment to augment your forces and let you go seek out some key targets. Submit a new text post.

Right now the Defender works really well and it’s fun to build my army around. Posted 10 May – That flamer is nice! Flammable fuel will do ok vs medium and light vehicles. Pick a legio titanicus and declare for the Emperor or the Warmaster today! So while they still have certainly not dethroned the Leman Russ as the lord and master of Imperial armor, taking them is now actually a valid tactic.

Purchasing and Arming a Malcador – + ASTRA MILITARUM + – The Bolter and Chainsword

In contrast he fielded a Leman Russ Punisher with heavy bolters and that monster absolutely ate through everything I sent at it. The Malcador Heavy Tank malacdor an ancient pattern of heavy tank, dating to the Age of Strife presumably it had some other designation before Malcador the Sigillite came around and they maalcador it for him.

Like every other tank operated by the Imperium of Manthe Malcador comes in many flavors:. Dumah 31 Dec The massive gout of flames launched from the Inferno Gun is also effective at clearing mines, the sudden heat detonating mine fuses and making large areas safe much quicker than alternative methods.

I blame my skimming skills for that mistake! The Malcador should be a bit more In all honesty, though, the Malcador on the table top would need a notable buff in durability for this to be practical. The Malcador is malcaddor actually somewhat good! A heavily armed and armored carrier, the Dracosan was large enough to accommodate a fully strength Solar Auxilia Infantry Tercio of twenty auxiliaries, and riles armored enough to protect them from all but the most intense of enemy fire.


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I also own a Valdor Tank Hunter. The Infernus or the Defender would be a great choice for spearheading infantry assaults. When it needs to move again, it simply drives out forwards through the path it had already made for itself. You would think they wanted me to do work or something So I am going to valiantly attempt to do some statistics on the Infernus and the Defender as those seem to be the two frontrunners and see how that pans out.

A case for Malcador Tanks in 8th? : WarhammerCompetitive

These tanks were used to horrifying effect to defend breaches in the heretical lines during the Siege of Vraks. I am going to calculate percentages based on rolling an average of 7 shots per attack and using the chemical fire option rather than the flammable material.

Oh yeah, it also mounts a Demolisher Cannon in its forward hull. The Malcador is actually pretty awesome. I’m not sure malczdor this helps or adds anything to the discussion, but I figured that I would post it since there seems to be others interested in the Malcador variants! Do they require more rep? Factionman 29 Nov Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Also, since this is my first time crunching numbers on this forum, I apologize if I list too much about a particular weapons profile, damage, stats, etc. Unfortunately, its drive was always temperamental at best, and between the loss of knowledge that occurred during the Horus Heresy and ten thousand years of repair and attempted retrofitting, the Malcador of the 41st Millennium is no faster than any other tank and prone to engine malfunction, represented in-game as a fifty-fifty chance of being completely immobilized maldador than slowed down by engine damage.

Astra Militarum and friends.