See more great novels at Introduction by Dale Ahlquist. This classic novel by the brilliant G. K. Chesterton tells the. : Manalive (): G. K. Chesterton: Books. Manalive [ with Biographical Introduction] and millions of other books are available for. Manalive: A Novel [G. K. Chesterton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This classic novel by the brilliant G. K. Chesterton tells the rollicking.

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This classic novel by the brilliant G.

I am going to hold a pistol to the head of the Modern Man. Who the devil are The first time I picked up this book, I was working in a library.

GK Chesterton [You didn’t think I could leave him out of this, did you? Chesterton was a man who discovered the secret to a happy life—I doubt one can read manallive of his work without coming to that conclusion.

This is fun and easy, and almost without realizing it, Chesterton points out that life is simply beautiful. Dec 05, Douglas Wilson rated it really liked it Shelves: I can’t wait to lead a discussion on manaliive.

Chesterton detailing a popular theme both in his own philosophy, and in Christianity, of the ” holy fool “, such as in Dostoevsky ‘s The Idiot and Cervantes ‘ Don Quixote.


Manalive by G.K. Chesterton

Don’t you remember, when you were a child, how those little windows WERE windows, while all the big windows weren’t. Carried out through the novel, though, it was for me first confusing and then intriguing. Chesterton stories, where everyone sits around in awkward predicaments discussing the human condition. Chesterton tells the rollicking tale of Innocent Smith, a man who may be crazy-or possibly the most sane man of all.

In Manalive, a short novel full of events as improbable as th G. Manalive is a book by G. But they’re very good ideas and principles, so I still liked this.

Smith comes to Beacon Hill and in whirlwind fashion changes the lives of those at living there. Chesterton was equally at ease with literary and social criticism, history, politics, economics, philosophy, and theology.

It is very obviously and intentionally a parable. I like it, but it feels really complicated. The fact that Smith almost immediately fires several shots from a revolver at Inglewood’s friend Dr.

But Manalive is awesome for those other times. Jan 09, Kathryn rated it liked it. Beautifully written, mixing the ridiculous with the profound, full of hilarious dialogue and lushly detailed writing, Chesterton’s main character Innocent Smith somehow manages to restore joy to all the dull and cynical lives manaluve him.

But I shall not use it to kill him- only to bring him to life. View all 6 comments.


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Is he the wickedest man in Britain, or is he “blameless as a buttercup”? Which of us has ever tried it? What if every day was new and the joy in life was not in finding the new but I keep thinking I need to read more Chesterton, and especially his fiction.

Michael’s friend, Gould, then disagrees with him, saying gravely, “I do not believe that being perfectly good in all respects would make a man merry,” to which Michael replies, quietly, “Well, will you tell me one thing? A banker has a real house, yet how numerous are the bankers who fail to emit the faintest shriek when their real front doors open inwards “. Contrasted with modernity, is Smith a lunatic?

I have to say, I really am fully convinced that Chesterton was married to a redhead. Sep 01, Samara rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ll never forget the idea of traveling around the world for the express purpose of coming home again. As with most of Chesterton’s books they are available on Project Gutenberg.