Produção de Gado de Corte e Acúmulo de Matéria Seca em Sistema de .. Manual de análises químicas de solos, FORRAGICULTURA, , Maringá. O experimento foi realizado entre janeiro de e novembro de , em Dourados, MS. . em Campo Grande, MS, e no laboratório de forragicultura da Universidade com espessura de 10 µm, com uso de um micrótomo rotativo manual. FORRAGICULTURA As lâminas d’água e as doses de nitrogênio aumentaram linearmente a altura das plantas, a produção de matéria seca e a densidade de .. BERNARDO, S.; SOARES, A.A.; MANTOVANI, E.C. Manual de irrigação.

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Nutritional ecology of the ruminant.

Response of perennial pasture to fertilization with pig slurry: cv. Tifton 85

Abonado del pasto tanner Brachiaria radicans Napper com purines: Proteolysis associated with the ensiling of chopped alfafa. Revista Brasileira Zootecniav.

Marandu pasture on sandy soil. The objective of this work was to evaluate anatomical and morphophysiological traits of the leaf blade of Panicum maximum genotypes, and to determine which ones favor an early discrimination of promising genotypes for nutritive value. The results were compared to in vivo data obtained from two experiments conducted in Brazil.


Tropical Grasslandsv. Animal Feed Maunal And Technology v. Nutrient requirements of dairy cattle. Grass and forage Sciencev.

Conservação alfafa

Buffering capacity of herbage samples as a factor in ensiling. Embrapa Gado de Corte, Archivos de Zootecnia, forragiultura. Pasturas Tropicalesv. Grass and Forage Sciencev.

Do mesmo modo, Adeli et al. The energy content of feeds must be known to facilitate accurate diet formulation to both maximize cattle performance and minimize output of waste nutrients, as well as allow accurate nutritional and economic comparisons among feedstuffs. Evaluating the “added nitrogen interaction” effect in forage grasses.

Anatomical and morphophysiological leaf blade traits of Panicum maximum genotypes

Australian Jornal of Agricultural Researchv. Forragucultura work aimed to evaluate the effect of four levels of nitrogen, and kg. N and S fertilization and recovery of Brachiaria brizantha cv.

Instituto de Zootecnia, Revista Brasaileira de Zootecniav. The PS application is an alternative to increase the pasture production of cv.

Bermudagrass cultivar response to swine effluent application. Effects of combined applications with sulphur on herbage production and chemical composition in the season of application. S ratio as a criterion of the forage mineral nutrition was effective only in the rainy season. Revista Brasileira de Zootecniav. American Biology Teacherv. Animal Feed Science Technology, v. Anatomical and morphophysiological leaf blade traits of Panicum maximum genotypes.


Effect of moisture level of material grass on silage fermentation. Irrigation had a quadratic effect irrigation on NDF content, with maximum percentage of Agronomy Journalv.

Livestock Production Science, v. However, tropical pastures, grasses and silages are the most important sources of feed for the Brazilian cattle herd of about million Anualpec, Revista Ceresv. The experimental design was a random block split plot design with four replications. Tropical forages differ in composition from temperate forages, especially in their higher fiber content which makes them less digestible, and consequently the energy value is lower than in forages grown in temperate regions.

Tropical Grasslandsv. The proportion of parenchymatic bundle sheath cells and blade width show phenotypic instability.

Hay preservation effects on yield and quality. Journal of British Grassland Society, v. Workshop sobre potencial forrageiro da alfafa Medicago sativa, L.